Sublime text 3dsmax and python

So there’s python in 3dsmax … but no autodesk shell or editor for it .. arg

But there is hope

Sublime Text 2

I found this youtube video by Gary Davis. He goes through work by Christoph Bülter, Johannes Becker that integrates 3dsmax and the sublime text editor

Here’s my notes on the setup. See more on Chrisoph’s Bitbucket

1.Install sublime text 2

Install sublime text 2 (v3 is in beta and not supported at the moment )

2.Install the Package control

Open Sublime text and go to view > show console

Copy and paste this text

import urllib2,os,hashlib; h = '7183a2d3e96f11eeadd761d777e62404' + 'e330c659d4bb41d3bdf022e94cab3cd0'; pf = 'Package Control.sublime-package'; ipp = sublime.installed_packages_path(); os.makedirs( ipp ) if not os.path.exists(ipp) else None; urllib2.install_opener( urllib2.build_opener( urllib2.ProxyHandler()) ); by = urllib2.urlopen( '' + pf.replace(' ', '%20')).read(); dh = hashlib.sha256(by).hexdigest(); open( os.path.join( ipp, pf), 'wb' ).write(by) if dh == h else None; print('Error validating download (got %s instead of %s), please try manual install' % (dh, h) if dh != h else 'Please restart Sublime Text to finish installation')

3.Install the 3dsMax package

Close and restart sublime text

Open sublime text and go to tools > command palette. Then type install to find the Package control: Install Package

Using the package control will allow you to easily install the max package by typing 3dsMax into the search box and clicking on the link.

4.Setup the Sublime Text hotkeys for the 3dsMax commands

There are two available commands: send_file_to_max and send_selection_to_max. Sending files will check if they are valid maxscript files (.ms, .mcr).

To set shortcuts for the commands, edit your Key Bindings – User file and bind to any key you like. In Sublime Text go to Preferences > Key Bindings – User. Add your options between the []. Close the file and save the changes.

The following mimics the MAXScript Listener keys :-

{ "keys": ["ctrl+e"], "command": "send_file_to_max" },
{ "keys": ["shift+enter"], "command": "send_selection_to_max"}

How it works

It works by sending a fileIn maxScript command directly to the console window. It does work, but I found it occasionally flaky. Its important to save the sublime text file first (ctrl+s ) before using ctrl+e to run the script in max.

If it works you should see something like this in the MaxScript Listener window:-

fileIn (@"C:\Users\Ken Turner\Documents\maxscripts\KenzorsScripts\");OK

This is my script

for obj in geometry do obj.wirecolor = blue

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