Amazing Shorts: Rocket Raccoon & Groot Animation Test

Arnaud Delord and Jérôme Combe use a mix of 3D techniques while maintaining a unique 2D aesthetic. You may have seen their string of films for League of Legends.

You can see more of ARNAUD & JEROME work at passion pictures

This little test really nails it in so many ways.

Preview Outline Highlight

Dumb Max tip of the Day: Turn the Preview Outline highlight

In 2016 version there’s a maya style mouse over object outline. It’s kinda fun, but can be distracting. With high polycounts it’s really slow and irritating. Mouse over a million poly object and max freezes as it calculates glow. You can disable it in the 3dsMax preferences.

Customise > Preferences > Viewports tab > Selection/Preview Highlights.

Turn off selection highlight Outline


Amazing Realtime Unity GDC Short – Adam

This is the Gobsmackingly cool realtime Unity GDC short Adam. Created in engine by Unity’s Demo team. It demos the high quality graphics that are enabled by the Unity engine in 2016.

Realtime graphics have come a long way in the last 5 years, and its a telling sign that all the big engines (unity, unreal, crytech ) are making a big deal of their cutscene tools. I’m sure we’ll see some surprising things in the not to distant future.

The full length movie will be shown at unite Europe 2016 in Amsterdam, May 31 – June 2.

Check out more about Adam on the unity website here

Cinematic Image Effects Suite

The unity Forum discusses the features of the Cinematic Image Effects Suite currently in development including:

  • Screen Space Reflections
  • Tonemapping & Color Grading
  • New Antialiasing (SMAA)
  • Depth of Field

There’s a few very cool features developed exclusively for the demo namely:

  • Area lights
  • Volumetric fog

Alas I don’t know when these features will make it to a full release. But the Unity Team say that users can expect to have access to the new tools some time after this year’s Unite Europe conference in early June, where an extended version of the short will be released.


Adam also makes extensive use of the high fidelity physics simulation tool CaronteFX available for Unity on the AssetStore.


Here is a Unity special event video which takes you through the features Cinematic Image Effects Suite used in Adam.

Unite 2016 – Guide to Making The Adam Demo


UV map plugins for 3ds Max

UVmapping improved a lot in 2017 but there is still room for dedicated 3rd party tools.

Though one day I’m kinda hoping nvidia will write an AI driven unwrap tool …

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