Preview Outline Highlight

Dumb Max tip of the Day: Turn the Preview Outline highlight

In 2016 version there’s a maya style mouse over object outline. It’s kinda fun, but can be distracting. With high polycounts it’s really slow and irritating. Mouse over a million poly object and max freezes as it calculates glow. You can disable it in the 3dsMax preferences.

Customise > Preferences > Viewports tab > Selection/Preview Highlights.

Turn off selection highlight Outline


UV map plugins for 3ds Max

UVmapping improved a lot in 2017 but there is still room for dedicated 3rd party tools.

Though one day I’m kinda hoping nvidia will write an AI driven unwrap tool …

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Making 3dsMax Xref Scene objects Invisible to the camera


Its useful to hide objects in the scene from the camera yet still have them contribute to the lighting. This means that other objects in the scene will still receive shadows and reflections from the hidden objects. This especially important for compositing . Here are a few useful tricks to help manage xReferences in 3dsMax

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3dsmax modelling for buildings tutorial

Modelling Scroll work

A short video crash course for modelling building detail in 3ds max. Shows shortcuts, tricks, tips and gives a quick round trip through some of the most useful modelling tools in 3dsmax.

Looks at:

  • Splines
  • Lofts
  • Editable poly
  • Turbosmooth Modifier
  • Symmetry Modifier
  • Chamfer Modifier

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