Quick Mudbox study: Mr grumpy

I think I’m finally going to move away from zbrush. The Mudbox interface is simply fantastic. Especially compared to zBrush randomness. The mudbox colour layers are especially good and feel very familiar coming from photoshop.

This is pretty much my first mudbox model. Quite a nice way to spend my saturday morning. I hope you like it


Things I do for fun

Work in progress image from a music video I’m working on. It’s Modeled in 3dsMax , with a very simple realtime toon shader.

I’m partway through look development and the animatic. It’s a personal project , so I’m grabbing bits of time while I pitch for new work. Hopefully I can put up a few more images next week.


Space Drone wip for my short film

So… I’ve been thinking about making a live action short. With everything else that’s going on I can’t image shooting until much later in the year. I’ll post some pre-production stills as and when I make them.

This is version’s kinda half finished. It needs another manipulator arm and more detail around the engines.


So the extra arm is in place. Next will be some fine detail, Bolt heads, pneumatic, piping wiring. This robot is meant to be working an asteroid belt, so with no planet to reflect sun the lighting’s super harsh. Materials are placeholder. I kinda like the glossy look. But I’ve noticed the real thing seems to be more matte. I’ll try some variations and see what works best.

probe_wip02 probe_wip03