Sci-fi London 48-hour film challenge 2013:matte painting

The short film ‘Creep’ was our entry into the Sci-fi London 48-hour film challenge 2013.


This was the unpainted frame from the Sony fs700 camera

creep_before After

Then, after 15 hours matte painting, our destroyed London shrouded in radioactive fog.

With this kinda of thing there’s so much detail to add I’ll just keep working until some-one pulls the plug. It would have been nice to add larger broken features to the foreground but there simply wasn’t enough time.


Sci-fi London 48-hour film challenge 2013:matte painting3 Comments

  1. It’s absolutely amazing, Ken. I dabble with Photoshop but I’m fascinated by the skill and detail in what you created for CREEP, would love to actually see how you do it, even though it’s probably ‘just’ you painting with a Wacom or something. Just amazing, this is the shot that blew me away, and I was on the shoot! (although not for this shot).

    Owen (stills)

  2. Hey Thanks Owen 🙂

    When I was a kid I wanted to draw houses. I would draw every brick and it would take forever. My teachers would go ‘no no no just draw a few like this…’ our brains fill in the rest. But back then, though I tried, it never looked as good as their work.

    Through the games industry I’ve had the chance to meet some amazing artists, and we’ve all learn’t off each other. I’ve done some animation lecturing for a friend in Finland. After work we’d spend a lot of time hanging out in cafes and drawing. As a result I carry a sketch book everywhere and as a fine artist I’ve improved a lot over the last few years.

    Now I think I can see where the big wins for my effort will be. How to add the detail and where to put it to the greatest effect. The trick with this image is that much of it is in silhouette. Silhouettes are easy to draw and a good place to start a pretty much anything.

    Other stuff is pasted from photo libraries. There are tricks to match the tone and color of the two images. Then I’ll paint in shadows and highlights.

    But in the end it’s kinda true… it’s ‘just’ a lot of work in Photoshop with a Wacom tablet.

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