Amazing Realtime Unity GDC Short – Adam

This is the Gobsmackingly cool realtime Unity GDC short Adam. Created in engine by Unity’s Demo team. It demos the high quality graphics that are enabled by the Unity engine in 2016.

Realtime graphics have come a long way in the last 5 years, and its a telling sign that all the big engines (unity, unreal, crytech ) are making a big deal of their cutscene tools. I’m sure we’ll see some surprising things in the not to distant future.

The full length movie will be shown at unite Europe 2016 in Amsterdam, May 31 – June 2.

Check out more about Adam on the unity website here

Cinematic Image Effects Suite

The unity Forum discusses the features of the Cinematic Image Effects Suite currently in development including:

  • Screen Space Reflections
  • Tonemapping & Color Grading
  • New Antialiasing (SMAA)
  • Depth of Field

There’s a few very cool features developed exclusively for the demo namely:

  • Area lights
  • Volumetric fog

Alas I don’t know when these features will make it to a full release. But the Unity Team say that users can expect to have access to the new tools some time after this year’s Unite Europe conference in early June, where an extended version of the short will be released.


Adam also makes extensive use of the high fidelity physics simulation tool CaronteFX available for Unity on the AssetStore.


Here is a Unity special event video which takes you through the features Cinematic Image Effects Suite used in Adam.

Unite 2016 – Guide to Making The Adam Demo


Sci-fi London 48-hour film challenge 2015: satellite Detail

The Satellite is based on an actual NASA model of a space probe called DAWN, that actually uses an ion drive for thrust. This appeals to my geeky sense of cool and is the reason why my engine plume is blue.

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Skin and bones

Sci-fi London 48-hour film challenge 2015: Skin and Bones

Its that no sleep time of year again…

Here is the short we made for the Sci-Fi London 48 Hour Film Challenge 2015. We made the shortlist. Which means we get to go to the award screening on the 3rd of June. We’ll have to wait til then to find out who wins. I’ve done a little post on the final shot here.

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sci-fi London 48 hour challenge: Back Issue

Once again its the sci-fi London 48hour short film competition. It gets bigger every year , and this time I almost managed to get some sleep.

I had a lot on over the weekend so couldn’t join the #TheCreepyGuys on location. It wasn’t until Sunday afternoon that I could get down to Modelling the DNA and Skeleton.



I was beginning to feel squeezed for time but fortunately my house mate Dan gave up his Sunday evening help out.

We spent a while looking at  Jorge-Almeida’s work and some Oblivion UI’s. While they had weeks of design work compared to our hours. It gave us something to spring our ideas off.

Dan then moved on layouts in Adobe illustrator while I wrangled with the 3d elements and composite tests

With work the next day Dan went to sleep at midnight. But I kept tweaking the 3d elements until I got the final locked cut from Karel at 5am. That left me 4 hours for 6 shots on no sleep !

I liked the idea of a simple Blue colour palette to contrast with Red danger areas. I needed next to nothing render times to reach the morning deadline. After a couple of test I decided to use the Max Scanline render for the particles and Fusions OGL renderer for the skeleton.

I needed every minute of the 4 hours to drop all the elements into place and match Alix’s performance. But I got the final shot to Tom at about 8 in the morning, leaving him just enough time to render short and deliver it to the judges.

As ever there is loads more I would like to have done. I made some pretty cool particle tests to represent DNA sequences. We left a big space for them in the GUI. But alas there simply wasn’t time to add them.

It’s a joy to work with such a talented crowd. Hopefully I’ll see them all at the cinema for the final.