Emma Coats story basics

These are the tweets of Pixar story artist Emma Coats. These words of wisdom have been compiled and republished in various writers’ blogs. I love this stuff … so here they are again.

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Business and all that jazz

Caught this article in the Guardian today. The jazz of entrepreneurship may be pushing it a bit. But as a musician I guess I feel there are many similarities in directing artists of all kinds be they musicians, actors, animators, compositors.

If I want to get the best out of someone then I need a day to day instinct for what they can achieve, and what they need to do it. Pushing too hard can be as counter productive as pushing to little.

If I’m improvising with a band then I need a moment to moment instinct for where people are and what’s going to happen next. Some of this instinct is based on knowing the music some of it is based on knowing the people.

There are a bunch of techniques I use in art management and direction. I guess a good creative meeting is a bit like a good jam…

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Process led development.

In Kyudo ( Japanese Archery ) there is a saying. Which I’m loosely going to paraphrase as-

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