UV map plugins for 3ds Max

UVmapping improved a lot in 2017 but there is still room for dedicated 3rd party tools.

Though one day I’m kinda hoping nvidia will write an AI driven unwrap tool …

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Alembic for 3dsMax


3dsMax gets alembic support in 2015 extension 1. A bit late to the party but this is kinda awesome. Animated 3d models and simulations can now be passed from 3dsMax to Fusion or nuke or Maya or …


A time based sculpting package for fixing simulation or adjusting alembic files


Exocortex Crate

exocortex crate . A is fully featured cross platform Alembic plugin and its Free …

It was  $399 for 3dsmax but the company has just change to a open source and support model. It has a ton of extra features over the autodesk version, and you can get it by simply entering your email for the download link.

If your up for it heres a link to the github

Other options

There are 2 other options for alembic.io .

Roundup of Plant Plugins and tools for 3dsMax

Much as I love 3dsMax making plants from scratch is time consuming. If they need to animate as well then it make sense to buy something off the self. Here’s a list of all 3dsMax friendly software I could find. (I’d love a review copy of some of this stuff … )
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Helium. Node based workflows for 3dsMAX

I’ve been doing a lot of MAX plugin research recently. One thing that keeps coming up is how cool node base workflows are. If I’m designing a procedural effect I want a mathematical sketch pad and thats what schematic views give me. One day I might make the leap to Houdi but at the moment I’m heavily invested in 3dsMax.

If your into designing your own tools the it’s worth checking out Helium. It’s free and has been used by a bunch of developers for there products. Notably Krakatoa’s Magma Flow editor.

There’s also the MAXscripted building generator by Tyson Ibele

So … at some point ( when I have the time ) what i’d like to do is a cutdown clone of superflow elements but based the Helium editor.

Tutorial #002 – Parametric Superflow from V-MOTION on Vimeo.