Reduce Motion capture with the Crude Biped Key Reduction Tool

Motion capture is great but it almost never quite fits the location or the character rig. Often it requires a little tweaking or, worse still ,modifications are needed that take the data further and further from the source file ( Rifles are changed to pistols etc).

Animation layers are useful but only get you so far until your simply fighting the data trying to figure out when and where things are happening.

Eventually we have to dismantle that wall of motion captured key frames into something more manageable.
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Organised Keyframing

Organised Keyframing: A method for 3d animation.

A few years ago I sat down with my friends from AvP and we went through our individual approaches to animation. My hope was to pick the best ideas to create something we could teach new animators. What we discovered was that over the years and with very different backgrounds we had all gravitated to the same idea.

The idea was this…

Keep it Simple

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Biped key all … key all biped limbs with one click

This is a tool for keying all your biped limbs in one click (including the root or COM ).

Simply select part of the biped and click ‘key’
This will set a TCB key at the current frame on all the biped limbs.

You can also delete all the keys at the current time using the ‘delete’ button.

It’s part of my script pack. You can instruction to install it are here

Keeping keys aligned is part of an organised keyframing style I use to animate efficiently. I generally key all the characters limbs at each key pose. It also helps stop random wobbles in Bipeds FK spine. I wrote this tool to make the process faster.