Crowdsourced Storytelling

The Random Adventures  of Brandon Generator is online project from filmmaker Edgar Wright (Shaun of the Dead, Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World),and comic book artist Tommy Lee Edwards (Turf, Marvel 1985). It’s difficult to describe what it really is. But it kinda sits between motion comic and animation. The interesting part is how they’ve engaged the online community to contribute ideas and content.

Check out the making of

and the movies

Indie Film

Last weekend I joined up with a bunch of friends to enter the sci-fi London 48hour short film challenge. It was a pretty intense couple of days…. with sleep definitely optional. The schedule is nuts. Half of the 360 teams missed the monday deadline to submit the film. But we made the top 10 shortlist.

Backwoods from Ascension Productions on Vimeo.

Shot on the Panasonic af101. Outside with no lights and clouds rolling across the sky The camera team had to work hard to keep up with the changing light conditions. As a result some of the images were blown out. Maybe if it was a 12bit camera ….

I’ve been looking for a good indie film camera for a while now. After the rather disappointing release of the new canon 5Diii and the high price of the c300  I felt it would be next year before something suitable came a long. How wrong i was….

Script Navigator bugs and features

There was a bug that prevented you from adding scripts outside of the userscripts directory.

I’ve made some changes to the way the script handles paths. This should fix the bug. I’m going to sink test it for a few days to make sure I haven’t missed anything.

bug #2
“When i try to add another tab by pushing the”+”, it s asks for a name, if i say”cancel” , it does cancel the tab creation. but if i input some characters into the box, “abcd” and hit cancel, it still creates the tab.”

I hadn’t noticed this before…but… because of the way the maxScript editText gui works. It might be a bit tricky to fix. I’m going to have a think.
I may have to add another to “ok” the new tab name.

Feature Requests from scriptspot :

#1 – Ability to move the scripts up/down for better observaiton/alphabetical changes or behavioural order.(just like adjusting priorities in a download manager)

I have generic script for the dotNet list box which should do this. The dotNet list box is much prettier anyway so when I get a chance I’ll see if I can hook it up.

cheers guys

Paths of Hate

I’ve been looking at NPR (non photorealistic rendering) techniques for a while now. The beautifully rendered “Paths of hate” is a really excellent example of the cell shaded style.

I came across an old Autodesk Presentation by the director Damian Nenow of Platige Image. He went through some of the techniques he used. Continue reading