The macbook’s missing hash key etc.

The macbook pro has no # key. Which is a bit of a pain if you’re writing maxScript.

On the max os side the shortcut is ( Alt + 3 )
But if you use bootcamp the windows side the shortcut is ( Ctrl + Alt + 3 )

just so you know ūüôā

A few useful short cuts while using windows and boot camp

Print Screen:   Fn-Shift-F11
Print active window:  Fn-Shift-Option-F11

Paths of Hate

I’ve been looking at NPR (non photorealistic rendering) techniques for a while now. The beautifully rendered “Paths of hate” is a really¬†excellent¬†example of the cell shaded style.

I came across an old Autodesk Presentation by the director Damian Nenow of Platige Image. He went through some of the techniques he used. Continue reading

Control Shapes for technical animators

This is part of my script library. It simply allows you to load and save shapes as text files. It’s useful for technical animators to quickly create shapes. This functionality can also be simply added to your own MaxScripts with a few lines of code.

3dsMax Matrix3 transforms

It may appear the 3dsMax Matrix3 uses some sort of mathematical voodoo (like quaternions).

But if you know what a vector is it’s actually very simple.

So in brief the matrix3 as a 4 x 3 matrix where the first 3 columns represent the X Y Z axis. and the last column represents the objects world position. ….

Lets look at this in Max. Continue reading