Dumb tip of the day: Flick panning in Photoshop

Flick Panning in Photoshop

Disable flick panning in photoshop

If I’m working fast I hate waiting for the interface to catch up  with me. In Photoshop Holding the space bar to pan is cool. Waiting for the image to stop sliding is not

So I spent 5 minutes throwing and catching an image… and actually it’s intuitive and kinda fun.

Flick to throw and tap to stop

Alternatively you can disable the feature here.

Edit > Preferences > General > Enable flick Panning

Max Tips: UI Tweaks

A couple of 3dsMax UI tweaks I use to make things a little slicker and quicker.

Fix view cube ‘drift’

The view cube‘s animated rotation feature can cause the scene to drift. You might notice that after clicking on a face of the cube the viewer says orthogonal when we’d expect it to say: left,or top, etc. When the view is slightly off axis, it can cause problems if I’m trying to animate or model accurately.

Also if I’m trying to work quickly waiting for the UI update is a pain so I like to turn this feature off.

  1. Right click on the view cube.
  2. Chose options and turn off use animated transitions when switching views.

Use the home button

The home button is useful for getting back to the same custom view. I find it useful to quickly return to the same point of view while I’m working on a particular feature.

To set a ‘home’ view:

Right click on the home button and pick > set current view as home.

3dsMax Tip of the day… set PAL as default for 3dsMax

3ds Max opens with a NTSC frame rate by default. This can be a little annoying…

The simplest way to fix you all defaults for 3dsMax is to make a new maxstart.max file

Make a new blank scene. Change the settings to PAL and 100 frames. Save the file as maxstart.max and put it in the 3dsmax/scenes folder.
Then every time you start max it will load this file as the default.

The macbook’s missing hash key etc.

The macbook pro has no # key. Which is a bit of a pain if you’re writing maxScript.

On the max os side the shortcut is ( Alt + 3 )
But if you use bootcamp the windows side the shortcut is ( Ctrl + Alt + 3 )

just so you know 🙂

A few useful short cuts while using windows and boot camp

Print Screen:   Fn-Shift-F11
Print active window:  Fn-Shift-Option-F11